The variable power-split s-matic transmission has 75% more traction than its predecessor and provides speed independent and with 1450 r / min at 40 km / h more fuel-efficient driving. Your advantage: the perfect adjustment of speed and power train, high efficiency and optimum efficiency without any interruption. And the transfer case completely developed and built by Werner enables the integration of a gearbox or motor-dependent PTO and ground speed PTO, available with full engine power.

Werner WF Trac

In addition to the powerful engine and the ergonomic rotation of the WF trac cabin is equipped with a highly advanced, infinitely variable power-split-s automatic transmission. For working without interruptions in tractive power, high-efficiency and high cost.

The drive unit is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine (238 hp, 7.2 liters, 850 Nm) of Mercedes MTU and is on the road with 50 km / h faster than any other forestry vehicles. WF trac has a modern SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue technology and meets Euromot 3B. This represents a fuel saving of 15 to 20% and particularly favorable 0.5 liters per cubic meter.

The interior of the 270ยบ rotating cabin of the WF trac located at the middle of the vehicle is a more spacious and tidy workplace which has been designed according to ergonomic principles.

The features and functions of the cabin turn it into a modern and tidy workplace where all vehicle functions are controlled by a central operating element. A spacious plough window provides a view of the vehicle with the air-conditioning ensuring optimal working conditions in all kinds of weather. The vehicle interior also has room for a second seat and ample storage space as well as a refrigerating compartment.



4 x 4

6 x 6 K 
Combined Machine

6 x 6 L


Mercedes Benz 4 Cylinder with SCR-Kat and Adblue-technology, EUROMOT 3B
150 KW/204 PS, displacement 4.81, max. torque 800Nm at 1200-1600 min-1

Mercedes Benz 6 Cylinder with SCR-Kat and Adblue technology, EUROMOT 3B
175 KW/238 PS, displacement 7.21, max. torque 850Nm at 1200-1600 min-1


  • Hydrostatic-mechanical
  • Continuously variable power split transmission


4 x 4: up to 50km/h

6 x 6: up to 40km/h


Front: NAF planetary steering axle

Rear: 4 x 4: NAF planetary rigid axle
         6 x 6: NAF planetary tandem axle


  • 2-circuit compressed air external power-brake system with main brake cylinders
  • Oil bath multiple disk brakes on front and rear axle
  • Spring-loaded parking brake


  • Ackermann steering
  • 6 x 6 additional steered bogie axle

Fuel Tank Capacity


Working Hydraulics

  • Load sensing
  • Output up to 281 1/min (optionally 207 l/min)
  • Pressure up to max. 250 bar

Electrical System

Alternator 28V, 80A


  • 270 degrees rotating cab
  • ROPS- and FOPS-tested 
  • Spring Mounted
  • Automatic climate control 


Epsilon models (examples, additional models by request)
4 x 4: M90 R80 to S120 R80
6 x 6: M90 R80 to S120 R80 or S110 F101

Standard Equipment

  • Torsion knuckle
  • Radio
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Warning Triange
  • Tool Kit
  • Air Conditioner

Special Equipment/ Accessories

4 x 4: Werner front winch F82.2, mountain stabilizer with rotating log repository

6 x 6: 
Easy to change clamping bank, easily changeable stanchion basket, mountain stabilizer
          Werner cable winch (front or frame attachment), Werner traction assistance winch
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