Hydraulical accessories like the torsion frame, wheel support or rotating device ensure that the driver does not have to leave his cab and step out into the traffic.

An optimized control of the power arm and the fully automatic relief system of the mowing head increases the mowing speed and thus the economy of the application.

Accessories for MULAG power arms

With a variety of sophisticated and optimised accessories MULAG roadside maintenance equipment can be complemented and individually to the needs of the application at hand. Many details like our modular counterweight, show our innovative skill and decades of experience.


High Pressure Blower

This blowing system is mounted in the rear brackets D50 and makes it easy to clean the road while moving.

Hydraulic Rotating Device

The rotational range is 230 degrees, continuously controlled by joystick. The rotational range can be adapted during operation.


Thanks to this modular system placed in the rear mounting brackets D50 it is possible to obtain up to 1400kg counterweight by adding different weight plates.

Hydraulic Torsion Frame

Front axle locking device for the Unimog to prevent chassis distortion (one-sided deflection) when the arm is in position, activated via a toggle switch in the driver's cab.

Implement Drive via N05

Rear mounted mowers can be driven via auxiliary drive (code n05). Consequently, the hydraulic system of the mower is completely independent from the vehicle.

Hydraulic Wheel Support

The operator can lock the suspension of the rear axle from the control panel in the cab. The operator does not have to get out of the vehicle, which increases safety and operating comfort.

Multi-function Joystick

The form of this joystick is perfectly adapted to the human hand. Up to 4 proportional functions can be controlled at one level.

Colour Display

5" TFT colour display for proportional operating panel (CAN-Bus technology), information system with graphic control surface and extended display/diagnostic possibilities


Automatic, computer-assisted contact pressure setting of the mowing head. Sensors transmit the ground configuration to the computer which adjusts the boom functions independently.
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