• High Working speed
  • Coverage of large areas
  • Powerful mulching system

Mulag Gang Mower

Large areas such as airfields, set-asides or grassland require different cutting widths and heights. Therefore the mowing heads of the MULAG gang mower MGM 650 are adjustable from 30mm up to 150mm in height and all three mowing heads can be used seperately for a cutting width from 2.4m up to 6.5m. 


MGM 650

The flailmower MGM 650 consists of the front mower MFM 2400 and two additional flail heads mounted at the rear of the Unimog. A total output of 65.000 sqm per hour can be reached

Mowing width - 
6.5m (front and rear combined)070817005D mgm650 einsatz frontansicht

Lateral Shift - 850mm (rear heads), 440mm (front head)

Special Features -
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Drive via live engine PTO (no 5),
  • Automatic parking system

MFM 2400

The flail mower MFM 2400, the front part of the gang mower MGM 650, achieves an output of up to 24.000 sqm per hour.20070818D mfm2400 maeheinsatz 1

Mowing width - 2.4m

Lateral Shift - 440m (parallelogram)

Special Features 
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Drive via front-PTO
  • Different types of flails available

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