Ingleton, United Kingdom


ENGINE - New cleaner BlueEfficiency Power engines with Euro VI emission standards - Direct injection diesel, turbocharger/intercooler - Two control systems (drive/operational modes) - Electronical manual throttle control - Hydrostatic fan drive - Air compressor 310 l/min - Air drier - Air filter, water seperator - Cold start to -15 degrees - Long service intervals (1400 operating hours) Exhaust gas after treatment unit - Diesel particulate filter - SCR catalytic converter Powerful premium engine brake - 2-stage decompression brake - Maximum braking performance - Operated via steering column control stalk TRANSMISSION / BRAKES / STEERING Transmission - Fully-synchronised Mercedes-Benz transmission, eight forward and six reverse gears - Single plate dry clutch, self adjusting - Permanent all-wheel drive, engageable interaxle differential lock - Cruise control / speed limiter - Limiter Vmax - up to 90 km/h (56 mp/h) - Electropneumatic gear shift (EPS) - Electronic Quick Reverse (EQR) Steering - Hydraulic power steering Brakes - High-pressure pneumatic brakes (18 bar) - Pneumatic disc brakes on all four wheels - 4-channel off-road ABS, disengageable - Automatic load-dependent braking (ALB) - Compressed air for auxiliary consumers - Air-operated brake - Brake lining wear indicator FRAME / AXLES / WHEELS - Continuous ladder-type frame, stable design - Trailer jaw coupling with socket pin at the front - Subframe for front mounting plate - Implement and body-mounting points are integrated in the frame - Coil springs with progressive codes - Anti-roll bar at the front and rear - Telescopic shock absorbers - Portal axles - Triple-steered axles - Differential lock on rear axle - Underbody corrosion protection - All differential locks are electropneumatically engageable and disengageable via a dog clutch while driving (100% locking effect) CAB - EXTERIOR - Panoramic cab, seating position behind the front axle - Short distance from implement to steering wheel - Cab made of corrosion-free fibre composite material - Cab stability according to ECE-R-29/2 - Comfort mounting, damped vibrations - Cab tilt - Panoramic laminated glass windscreen with low extension - Door windows with low extensions to allow better view of working areas - Large window on rear wall - Exhaust system: vertical tail pipe - Electrically adjustable exterior heated mirrors on both sides - Heat-insulating windows all round - Electric windows - Vertical air intake - Non-slip footholds with handhold - Windscreen wiper system installed on cab roof, 3-stage with intermittent wiper control and two stopping positions CAB - INTERIOR - Multifunction steering wheel - Steering column adjustable for height and tilt - Seats with tapered backrest and integrated headrest - Powerful heating and ventilation system with pollen filter and residual engine heat utilisation - Cab floor allows through-cab-access - Stowage compartments and trays - Overhead console with 2 DIN installation compartments for radio/tachograph - Three individual sun visors - Centre console with central controls and 2 installation compartments - Instrument cluster (10.4 cm diagonal) - On-board diagnostics for vehicle condition - Right-hand steering column control stalk for traction drive - Seats with fore and aft, height and tilt adjustment and adjustable backrest with integrated 3-point seat belts - Door lining with armrest and bottle holder - Interior lighting with reading lamps for driver and co-driver - 3 coat hooks - Vehicle tool kit - Cable duct - Left-hand steering column control stalk for high-beam headlamps and windscreen wipers - Air conditioning POWER / LIGHTING - On-board 24v power supply - Electronics box (protected in cab) with a diagnostics socket - Permanent power socket 24 V/ 15 A - CAN-Bus networking - Trailer power socket at rear, 15-pin / 24V - Battery 140 Ah - Electronic vehicle management system - EMC-certified - Alternator 14V/180A - Daytime-running lamps mounted in bumper - Headlamp range adjustment - Rear fog lamps - Reversing lights - Exterior marker lamps