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Robust vario plough, suitable for the toughest conditions of use. Variable swivel angle of the band blade of +/- 35. Flexible deployment as wedge plough (V-position), as side snow plough and in the Y-position. Rising to the outside, convoluted band blades for optimum ejection of the snow. Reliable deviation system prevents damage if driving over obstacles. Suitable to attach to tractors, device carriers, lorries and wheel loaders. Description Strong frame construction Due to the different stops, a clearing angle of 30-35 is possible Overload security of the clearing blade using a shock valve and nitrogen diaphragm accumulator Only one hydraulic circuit required Series equipment: Deviation system, steel scraper bars, edge deflectors, parking support, sliding discs, valve assembly for diagonal operation of the band blades Options: Running wheels, snow powder protection, definition flags, definition lights, slush bars, synchronized control for linear plough motion. Technical Data Number of blades - 2 Clearing Width - 2.8m, 3.2m, 3.7m