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The Uni Sidemower is infinitely variable in its working adjustment, so that it is usable on the most difficult slopes and embankments. Due to the special construction of the unit, the mower-head at the front of the pulling vehicle can be swung, so that there is no visual obstruction for the drive of the vehicle. The Uni Sidemower cleanly cuts all types from sea grass to reed grass. Even the care of leisure areas like sports grounds, camping sites, air fields etc. is easily done. Thorny bushes, shrubs with a diameter of up to 3cm and all other wild growing shrubs are no problem for the Uni Sidemower. The mowed material is strongly cut up and split up, so that it can rots away quite quickly. This makes a removal of the cut material unnecessary. The compact construction and generous dimension of the flail-shaft and the flails makes the Uni Sidemower quite insensitive to foreign matters like stones, pieces of wood, metal parts and other foreign matters. The special type of the suspension of the specialised spring steel flails result in a favourable and power saving rotation, therefore the wear is reduced to a minimum. The good view of the working mower-unit and the simple operation which is effected from the hydraulic control system of the pulling unit, ensure a secure handling. The built-in hydraulic resp. mechanic overload safety device avoids damages to the machine in the case of unintended starting at obstacles. The roller which covers the full mowing width ensures a good mowing result even on uneven ground. The unit can be mounted three-point hydraulic or to the vehicle plate. The mounting and taking off of the Uni Sidemower is effected within a few minuted. The Uni Sidemower SMT 15 is in series equipped with a lateral, hydraulic sliding of 0.65m. The hydraulic side sliding offers the advantage that obstacles will better driven round and the mower position can be changed. By changing the working unit, the Uni Sidemower can also be used as brush or wild-growing herbs. The equipment can be supplied alternatively for right hand or left hand working.