UNI MOWER 19/23/27/30/40

UNI MOWER 19/23/27/30/40

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The Uni Mowers with working widths from 1.9 - 4.0 metres are versatile usable mower, mulcher and crusher machines. They are specially for tractors from 44kW (60 HP) upwards. The compact and robust frame-construction, the big dimension of the gear box, v-belt drive, bearings and flail-shaft makes the mower insensitive to foreign matters like stones, pieces of iron or wood and other matters. All units are available as front or rear unit and in combined front and rear unit. The side sliding is possible in front and rear mounting. Ground Adjustment The roller, which covers the full mowing width, ensures a good ground adjustment even on uneven ground. The insert wheels are possible for working on uneven fields. The mounting truss is specifically designed for bigger tractors. The attached joints and the three-point pedestal, which is spring suspended to the rear, guarantee a big running smoothness in the unit, also in difficult areas. The wheels can be shifted on a guiding tube. The cutting height can also be changed. Front-mounting, resp. front and rear mounting All Uni Mowers UM can be mounted into the front three-point hydraulic cat.2 or in the vehicle-front-DIN-plate size 3. At combined units two three-point linkages are mounted, so a changing from front to rear mounting is not necessary. On request springs, which release the support weight of the mower can be installed. Depending to the adjustment the support-weight can be reduced up to 50%. Adjustment of cutting height The rough adjustment of the cutting height is effected by adjusting the roller. The finer adjustment is effected by means of the upper handle bar. Side-sliding The mounting-truss is standard mounted rigid. The sliding is useful for working in areas which are not easily accessible can be mowed, like under trees or bushes, near fences and path edges. At the UM 19 & 23 the three-point pedestal must be mounted 45cm to the side. Counter-blade For the addition of crushing the grass a counter blade can be fitted in the front area of the mower. Flail-shaft, Flail The heavy flails (2kg) made from spring steel are loosing hung into the flail-shaft and secured by means of a screw. During mowing, the centrifugal force brings the flails into the correct position. Should larger items obstruct during use, the flail moves to the rear. The electronic-dynamic balancing of the flail-shaft, the special suspension and the special construction of the flails made from spring steel, result in a favourable and power-saving rotational speed of the flail-shaft. Lower rotation speed also results in lower wear and helps to reduce the fuel consumption of the tractor. All rear-mountin units are delivered with a PTO-shaft with 540 rpm. A PTO-shaft with 1000rpm is available on request. Collecting Bag The Uni Mowers UM 19-23-27 can also be equipped with an additional collecting bag for the collection of the mowed material. The mounting to front models is not possible. The hydraulic cylinder enables the basket to be tipped. The mowed material is either collected at one point or emptied into swaths. Recommended for use on camping sites, leisure fields and paddocks. Old grass is mowed and the material is collected. Areas of use The areas of use are varied from the use of agricultural areas in fruit and vineyards, on the verges of roads, wood paths, on sports fields and air fields.