UNI MOWER UMK 16/18/21

UNI MOWER UMK 16/18/21

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The robust mower, mulcher and crusher machines of the serie UMK are ideal for working on tractors with 23 to 44 kW (30 to 60 HP.) The working width are available from 1.60, 1.80 and 2.10 metres. The versatile adjustment possibilities of the attachment point of the three-point hydraulic, enables the mounting of the unit onto every three-point linkage. The following three types of the UMT are offered: - Rear unit - Front unit - Combined rear and front unit The big dimensioning of the gear unit, v-belt drive, bearings and flail shaft makes the mowers insensitive to foreign matters like stones, pieces of iron, wood and other matters. The rough adjustment of the cutting height is effected by adjusting the roller. The finer adjustment is effected by means of the upper handle bar. The mounting-truss is standard mounted rigid. On request the units are available with a mechanical side sliding or a hydraulic side sliding. The mower can be shifted for 55cm. This sliding is useful at mowing on areas which are not easily accessible can be mowed like under trees, near walls and fences. The operating range of the UNI-Mower UMK is versatile because it can cut all sorts of grass from gass over seaweed to reed grass.