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The verge mower RSM 13 is operated by a computerized control system, which takes optimum advantage of mowing around reflector posts, road signs and trees. Due to the unique cinematic arrangement of the swivelling point and due to the specially designed run of the mower-head guide, even large surfaces of area to be mowed lying behind guiding device are reached.ducker126 2 rsm 05 The mower-head is swivelled to the front and then guided by means of a parallel guided arm. So the operator have a good view to the working equipment. The sliding enables an exact adjustment of the mowing unit, even in very narrow areas. The mower-head is equipped with a wobble plate rotor-shaft or flail-shaft, which offers high security against falling rocks due to its cutting system and the optimally arranged cutting units. Drive is effected either by the power-hydraulic of the light truck (Unimog) or by the front PTO-shaft. Automatic buttons on the control desk simplify the operation, so the mower-head returns to working position or to transport position, if a button is pressed. All operations are effected automatically, an manual oversteering is possible at all times. The position of the mower-head can also be infinitely varied. The mower-head adapts itself automatically to the slope of embankments. An rebuilding from working on the left to working on the right side is possible in short time. By the sliding equipment and the special form of the outrigger mowing is possible over guiding device also on the second cut. With the Duecker-outrigger arm from the DUA-serie the verge mower can be combinated to the mower combination.