DUA 700/ DUA 800

DUA 700/ DUA 800

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The Uni-Arms DUA 700 and DUA 800 are the result of further development of the proven DUECKER UNA series. These universally applicable outrigger is designed for the front-mounting into the vehicle plate. The vehicle plate of301 1 dua4 the outrigger is equipped with changeable hooks size 3 or 5, The mounting to the moutning plate is ensured over robust flange screws or swivelling screws. The arms are movable and mounted onto a sliding frame. The working area of the arms range from working on the left to working directly in front of the vehicle, up to working on the right side of the vehicle up to a total distance of approx. 15m (DUA 800). The arms, which are mounted on special rails, are hydraulically shiftable by 1.6m. The working device always stays in the same parallel height when sliding the arm. This arrangement makes the re-adjustment of the arms and the working devices unnecessary when mowing around obstacles like reflector posts, crash guides, milestones, road signs etc. A float position enables the device to adapt itself to the respective surface conditions. This ensures a comfortable, fatigue-proof and safe operation of the device. The vehicle plate with adapter, the sliding frame, the runner, the turning column and the outrigger are made of a robust welded construction from fine grain steel. A hexagon profile is used for the arms as perfect protection against twisting and distortion. A swing head is situated at the end of the last extension arm for taking up the working units. The swivelling range is 260 degrees. The swivelling mechanism is integrated in the outrigger arm, so that outside distrub no cylinders or turning lever. The different options of use of the working equipment from mowing unit to cleaning brush for pavements, radial weed brush, branch and hedge cutters and sweeping machine to ditch cleaner guarantee the use of the Uni-Arm throughout the whole year. The mower-head MK 12 has a working width of 1.25m. The drive is effected over a hydraulic motor. On top of the mower-housing an adjustable tibe with an additional support for the Tasttronic-tube is installed over the total width. The mower-housing is inside lined with a high strength and changeable synthetic bonnet and therefore protected from falling rocks.