UNA 100/ UNA 200

UNA 100/ UNA 200

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The UNI-Arms UNA 100 and 200 are specially intended for mounting on multi-municipal-vehicle with own hydraulic unit and hydraulically height adjustable front-mounting plates. The basic device can be equipped with different una 01working units. The hydraulical drive enables the working in front of and next to the vehicle. The symmetric construction of the basic device and of each working unit enables the attachment of the working units to the left or to the right side. The UNA 200 is designed for working also behind crash barrier and reflector posts. The good view of the working mower-device guarantee a safe using. The simple handling be caused of the vehicle hydraulic or by a control valve, which is mounted at the UNA. - Working area: to the left, to the right or in front of the vehicle - Working area: 210 degrees - Working in front of, below and behind guiding devices - Working on embankments - Shiftable by 1.15 metres - Working width from middle of the vehicle up to 3.4 metres - Can be folded in front of the vehicle for transport - A clear view during transport - By-pass unit when starting at obstacles - Mechanical sliding forward of arm - Extremely strong mower-head at low tare The Uni-Arm UNA 200 with mower-head MKL 10 is used for clean and problem-free mowing of street verges, embankments and grass areas. The dimensions of the flails also enable the mowing and mulching of different material like reed grass and shrubs. Many deverse working-equipment are available as change-equipments to the mowerhead: - Flail-mower-head - Weed-brush - Sweeping-broom - Double-knife-system - Branch-and hedge-cutter - Hedge cutter - Reflector post-and signs-cleaner