UNA 450/ UNA 500

UNA 450/ UNA 500

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The UNI-Arm UNA 450 and UNA 500 already worked many years as outrigger. The UNA 450 is special fitted for working at the Unimog U20. All the working equipment of the DUA-series are also available for this outrigger. 373 2 una 450 1 The Uni-Arms UNA 450 and UNA 500 are universally usable outrigger arms, which are mounted to the front quick change plates. The working area of the arms range from working on the left to working directly in front of the vehicle, up to working on the right side of the vehicle up to a total distance of approx, 12m (UNA 500). The working device always stays in the same parallel height when sliding the arm. This arrangement makes the re-adjustment of the arms and the working devices unnecessary when mowing around obstacles like reflector posts, crash guides, milestones, road signs etc. The high pressure hydraulic pump which is driven from the PTO shaft with the hydraulic oil tank and the good protected cables ensure for a safe and secure drive-flux. The power of the working equipment can also be driven from the hydraulic of the vehicle. A splitted building form with the drive unit in rear mounting is also available. The outrigger, manufactured of high-quality steel is equipped with a hydraulical safety device. The arm swings back when starting at obstacles the outrigger swings automatically into the working position. A float position enables the device to adapt itself to the respective surface conditions. The available working devices are infinitely rotatable by 360 degrees. The different options of use of the working equipment from mowing unit to cleaning brush for pavements, radial weed brush, branch and hedge cutters and sweeping machine to the ditch cleaner guarantee the use of the Uni-Arm throughout the whole year.