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The embankment mower MBM is specially-designed for front-mounting on local carrier or tractor of the 80 HP-class (approx. 6 tons.) The power of the working equipment be provided by in the device integrated hydraulic mbm1system, which is driven by the PTO-shaft, or the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle will be used. The basic unit serve for taking up different working equipment. By the hydraulic drive the working equipment can work in front and next to the vehicle. The symmetrical design of the basic unit and the different working equipment can work on the right and left side. The outrigger with flail mower head are used for clean and easy mowing of road sides, embankment and areas. The dimensions of the flails allow a mowing and mulching of difficult material as reed grass or thorny brushwood. The good view of the working mower unit and the simple operation, which is effected from the own hydraulic control system (can also be effected from the hydraulic of the vehicle), ensure a simple and safe handling. The roller which covers the full mowing width ensures a good mowing result even on uneven ground. The different options of working equipment from mowing unit to cleaning brush for pavements, radial weed brush, branch and hedge-cutters and sweeping machine to ditch cleaner guarantee the use of the outrigger the whole year. - Working area: left, right and in front of the vehicle - Working in front of, below and behind guiding devices - Shiftable for 1,40 metres - Working width from the middle of the vehicle up to 4,60 metres - By-pass unit when starting at obstacles - Can be folded in front of the vehicle for transport, so a clear view during transport