Quick change blades and sieves as on all the heizohack range

Large infeed hopper suitable for timber, brash, pallets

Powered infeed hopper as an option

HM 14-800K

Single or tandem air braked axles available and various crane options.

Factory fitted 10m Epsilon cranes or 8-10m Kronos cranes can be used.

With the V belt transmission and integral hydraulics the chippers can produce quality woodchip day in day out.


HM 14-800 K

Feed Height:            800mm14-800-1
Feed Width:            1215mm
Transport Height:     2820mm
Transport Width:      2700/2624mm

Ejection Height:        4790mm
Total  Length:           5120mm

Weight:                   ca. 8500kg

Feed In: Conveyor belt 900mm long, feed table 1500mm long. Pressure roller with steel teeth diameter 800mm

In feed table: Hydraulically foldable: including front end roller: optional conveyor belt.

Sieve: Standard mesh 45/60mm with stop bars.

Chipping Drum diameter: 495mm with quick change blades.

Drive: Via Universal shaft and V-belt transmission.

RPM: max 1000rpm.

Drive Performance: max permissable 220kW/300HP

Flywheel Diameter: 1370mm, 150mm thick.

Ejection: Hydraulically foldable: height adjustable and rotatable (ejection height 3.35m up to 4.79m, depending on chassis and tyres); 
hydraulic ejection flap adjustment.

Controls: Automatic load dependent feed control: Rotation direction and speed of the conveyor belt and pressure roller infinitely variable,
irrespective of one another and reversable. Two day and one overall operating hours counters.
Remote control with control panel for all functions.

Chassis: Chassis 25km/h or 40km/h trailing axle and spring loaded air brake.

Tyres: Tyres 500/45 R22.5
          Tyres 400/55 R22.5
          Tyres 385/22 R22.5 

Powered In-feed

The Powered In-feed table allows better transfer of wood into the chipper particularly short pieces or brash. Also due to small gap between powered In-feed table and the lower in-feed bed dirt and small debris can fall through.

Pick Up Hitch

We can mount a standard agricultural pick-up hitch to the rear of a chipper for standard UK pick-up hitch trailers. Operation is via the main chipper control panel and changeover switch.

Tandem Axle

We can look at special applications and bespoke trailer builds to fulful customer requirements mounting engine driven chippers onto wheel trailers.

Upper and Lower Drawbar

Chippers can be supplied with either the 40mm continental ring style hitch direct to the tractor or the standard 500mm high cover drawbar.
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