Late last year we had an old (2004) HM5-400 chipper in for retrofitting of our ACP Pressure Assist System. The chipper underwent a good amount of repairs after having a hard life, and left ready to chip for the next 20years. A Pressure Assist system was fitted with Crane Feed Protection and our own Radio Control, and all the hand fed safety equipment was taken off as the machine will be fed remotely by digger or crane. We do a lot of extra's for Heizo Chippers, full spare parts and service. So if you are struggling feeding brash or whole trees and have Heizo 300 or 400 Series Chippers….but can’t quite afford the next step to a full crane fed chipper, then why don’t you enquire about having Pressure Assist retro-fitting….it revolutionises the chipper, takes away all the pushing and poking in of wood with diggers and cranes….