This is the third successive Heizohack Chipper that we have supplied to our long standing customer Glendale Tree Services in Northern Ireland. We built the 1st UK tandem axle HM8-500 for them back in 2016 (not a factory available option). Last year they commissioned us to build them a bespoke chassis with the larger capacity HM10-500 chipper unit. The drawbar has been made to accept a crane at some point in the future, and the extra long front drawbar has made to suit the current tractor that has a JAKE mounted Kronos Gripto 1009 Crane with JAKE legs, so more clearance than normal was needed. We have included some pictures, showing the build from the full 3D CAD model through to delivery. Here’s hoping that Glendale reaps the benefits of this latest model and legendary chip quality of this special build Heizohack Chipper. We wish them all the best for 2023 and the future.