Fully designed in Solidworks 3D CAD means that we can ensure that we meet all design and CE requirements and can then also make replacement spare parts as and when needed. The customer also opted for a number of our own bespoke options, our own rear Pick-up Hitch, a full 4 x camera system incorporating a side hopper camera, that allows you to see timber inside the infeed hopper immediately in front of the feed roller. The Chipper is of course fitted with a Kronos 6020L Crane and is now the 6th HM10-500KT Chipper that we have sold new and fitted a crane to, so this is a well tried and tested combination. This 6020L is fitted with xCrane and mini joysticks, allowing the exact tailoring of crane control, on board diagnosis and of course storing different user profiles. Quite a challenge for us was to make the seat turn in this NHT7.235, but we managed it and also integrated the mini-levers onto the seat armrests, we have to admit it was quite a mission. For those of you in the area around Ayrshire I’m sure you will see this distinctive set-up out and about over the coming months.