The rotor and sieve set-up is now completely different to previous Heizohack Chippers, there is now 40% more sieve area and by a complete re-design of the rotor it is now possible to achieve a wide variety of chip sizes.

It is fair to say that there are very few drum chippers on the market that can produce the quality and consistency of chip for G30 spec, by the same token Heizohack Chippers of the older range are not very adept at producing larger chip. The HM14-860 with its new design means it can now produce large and chunky chip as well as the traditional G30 chip etc.  Rotor diameter has been increased and this range topping chipper can now chip logs and whole trees up to a diameter of 26”

(650mm ). Another UK first on a trailed chipper is the installation of the cone splitter incorporated at the drawbar. The new rotor features a completely new knife clamping system making changing knives much easier than the old system and there are now 2 x bolts that require half the 1000Nm torque that the original rotor and clamp system required. Incorporated as standard are the additional upper sieves now making one continuous sieve wrapping right around the rotor. Four cross augers provide plenty of capacity and take the chip away and into the integrated flywheel and blower housing. Yet another additional extra is the telescopic extension that can be specified, this gives 700mm of extension and is specifically designed to assist filling trailers, and when used with the chute mounted camera it is a real asset for the operator.

If you are looking for a large, strong and robust chipper with the minimum of electrics supplied by company with full spare parts and technical back-up give us a call, we will be pleased to talk to you, whatever the size of chipper you are looking for.