Because Werner develop the winches themselves, they can also react precisely to your wishes. Just say what you need. At Werner, you will find just the right cable winch to suit you and truly make your work easier. 

Werner cable winches are made to precisely fit the requirements for which they have been built. Whether in forestry, the water industry or for any other purpose anywhere in the world - you can rely on cable winches from Werner. 

Werner Cable Winches

Werner make their cable winches from the planning and design stage through to the production of the smallest gearwheel. Werner are the only company that has this manufacturing depth which is why the cable winches are so exceptionally good.

Already at the design stage of their cable winches - your special needs can be taken into account. Whether you need something to deal with a combination together with other equipment, different drive concepts, winch positions or cable courses - Werner's engineers will find a solution. 


Tailored Installation

Because Werner do their own design and production work, our cable winches have no restrictions. We can provide you with the right winch for each job and each vehicle. 

The options for installing the winches in your vehicle are almost unlimited since the winch designs have all been made for as compact a space as possible. This means that we can install your winch as required either at the front, the side or the back of your vehicle. We can also install the winch in a retracted position in the middle of the chassis. Here Werner carefully account for the deformation properties of the chassis and the supporting and tensile forces and their effects on the frame of your vehicle. 

As a single source supplier Werner can also provide you with a combination of different superstructures for one vehicle. All our winches are designed using our longstanding expertise and skills, integrated with each other and highly efficient in their use. Werner also focus on achieving the lowest possible superstructure weight and complying with all valid standards.


The precision of a cable winch is especially important for lifting work: for the multifaceted requirements of pole-setting work in the energy industry or challenging rescues. Werner have therefore perfectly solved the problem of optimum overlapping of clutch and brake in our hoisting cable winches. Precise raising and lowering of heavy loads, delicate and precise handling of the winch and accurate work are easy for Werner cable winches. 

In addition the balanced interaction of lifting and lowering function ensures more safety for man and machine. The space-saving implementation of the winch concepts in the smallest space also allows flexible installation possibilities.


Recovery winches are workhorses. They must be robust and efficient. For self-recovery in difficult terrain, the recovery of flotsam in water management, or for timber hauling in the forest, you must be able to depend on your winch. For this, Werner has long offered sophisticated and tough winch concepts. The robust technology of transmission and winch ensure save use for many years and is easy to maintain and repair. This makes your Werner cable winch a trusty companion that won’t let you down. That is a promise. The possible applications of a pulling cable winch are unlimited. Werner will manufacture the right winch for you for any application.


During rescue operations in particular, a cable winch can be essential. In order to fill all the requirements of demanding operations, Werner cable winches are optimally designed for the special situation of rescue work. Particularly with the elaborate attachments of special vehicles, Werner integrates the cable winch perfectly into the frame area. Here, we naturally pay attention to the coordination of the installation with the other equipment. The clear and comfortable operation of Werner cable winches not only makes your work simpler, but also safer. In addition, you can centrally control and read all safety functions and information on our cable winches. During rescue operations, a good cable winch is irreplaceable. You can depend on Werner winches in any situation.

Technical Specifications

Cable Wind Up
Werner cable winches are equipped with a cable guide housing and a spooler over a cross-wind threaded spindle. This allows a minimum wear of the cable and an optimal use of the cable drum volume. A direct angular traction force can be used with an installation at the back or the front of the vehicle.

Releasable with a load
Forestry cable winches made by Werner can be released with a load. To avoid damage to the equipment during its use with downward loads, the brakes can be opened by pressure and the loads released. The cable drum can also be completely seperated from the gear unit by using the drum netural position - this makes the cable pull out considerably easier.

Hydraulic Cable Supply
Especially with winches which have been installed at the front or back of the vehicle, the hydraulic supply device used to pull out the cable functions with a minimum force. The hydraulic cable supply compensates the friction drag of the deflection pulleys and the cable bedding. A firmer adjustment of the sliding brake prevents a trailing of the cable on the drum. The cable windup under initial stress prevents loose cable from gathering on the drum.

Position-dependent Control
The use of the Werner cable winches with a position dependent control allows the respective cable position to be exactly established while in operation. The electro-hydraulic or electronic control assures a consistent lifting power over the whole length fo the cable. 
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