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285E is an efficient and compact head for professional small wood harvesting: easy felling, bunching and loading. Depending on the base machine, the whole small wood harvesting process (standing tree to roadside) can be performed without changing the head. Thanks to its structure, the head grabs trees and bushes efficiently. The grapple arms, which are located near the scissor blades, ensure that the stems and even twigs are cut by the blades.

Nisula 285E+ is equipped with a special accumulating tilt system which improves the head's collecting capacity and the handling of the bundles.

Nisula NCU1 Control Unit For Accumulating Energy Wood Heads

Automated functions guarantee productivity and user friendliness. NCU1 is a reliable and easy-to-use unit which automatically controls the hydraulics of the base machine, as well as the harvester head and its functions. The system is controlled with a single 4-position button. 

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