Here we have a ‘legal 50-80km/hr PTO driven chipper’ The Chipper is equipped with Kronos 5020L crane having an impressive 8.3m reach. The Chipper itself has some additional features only available from ourselves. Pressure Assist, using 2 x double acting cylinders either side of the upper feed roller, we have also added and additional chute lift cylinder which means that there is no need to get off the tractor or Unimog to set the chipper chute up.  This chipper was built for the APF show is available for demo, ring or email to register your interest. The drawbar can be turned over, so this chipper can be towed by either a chassis height rockinger hitch or a lower pickup hitch ring or 80mm ball hitch.   If you have a UGN Unimog without a mechanical rear PTO…that’s not a problem we have a solution for you giving  you a 200hp rear mechanical PTO. This chipper would be ideal behind a 200hp Unimog. The crane and basic chipper functions are all controlled via radio control. We use the Parker L90LS valve block, so we can set the Crane to run on Power Beyond, or via a fixed flow output from a spool. So if your looking for a fully legal 50-80km/hr PTO driven chipper that can be towed  to site quickly and safely, then why not get in touch. Further details, pics and info available. 

HM8-400KT Heizohack woodchipper BOOK YOUR DEMO NOW

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