• Comfortable one-man-operation
  • Varied fields of application
  • Automatic parking system

Mulag Verge Mowers/Reflexion Post Mowers

Regular and continuous care of roadside vegetation is an important factor for the security of all road-users. Our reflexion post mower MLM 200 was especially designed to operate around reflexion posts, crash barrier supports and traffic sign posts avoiding manual trimming and therefore reduces the risk of accidents for road workers. The grass normally strimmed manually can be now mown from the driver's cab - a real improvement in work safety.

The MULAG MLM 200 offers a professional application in difficult areas. The combination of a verge mower MRM 300 and a reflexion post mower MLM 200 together with a rear mounted MHU 800 power arm results in a highly professional mowing solution suited for one-man operation. Embankments can be mown in one pass without any manual finishing work


Reflexion post mower MLM 200

The application of the MLM 200 and the MRM 300 at the same time ensures safe, economic and efficient work around crash barriers, reflexion posts and traffic signs. This combination is also suitable for smaller implement carriers like the Unimog U20.060504005D mlm unimog detail021 01

Reach - Up to 2.5m

Control -

Special Features -

  • Drive integrated into the hydraulic system of the verge mower
  • Automatic touch control system for the terrain contour
  • Continuous distance control

Verge mower MRM 300

The verge mower MRM 300 is perfect for near roadside mowing work, either right hand or left hand operation. Due to its low height, this mowing device is suitable for use underneath crash-barriers. The speed of evasive movements when approaching an obstacle can be adjusted continuously at the control unit. An automatic pressure relief system minimizes the ground pressure of the mowing head. The mowing head can be equipped either with a safety shaft or with a flail shaft depending on the application.070705002D mrm300 einsatz leitpfosten 01

Range - Up to 3.0m right hand and left hand side

Drive - Front PTO-shaft or vehicle hydraulic system

Electro-hydraulic control with mowing head relief system
Road speed related automatic obstacle detector
Automatic parking system, with safety or flail shaft

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