• High operational comfort
  • Wide working range

Mulag Rear-Mounted Mowing Equipment

Our rear-mounted mowing equipment is fitted in the vehicle platform or subframe and is designed to be used in combination with a verge mower. Such a combination achieves an ideal load distribution onto both vehicle axles. Thus the available payloads are efficiently used without loosing the dynamics of vehicle movement.

The MULAG product range includes mowing equipment with or without automatic grass collection system. With the grass collection system the maximum reach is up to 7.0m. Without the grass collection system a maximum reach of up to 8.7m can be achieved. All implements can be used for right hand or left hand operation.

The drive is provided either via the vehicle power hydraulics or via rear-PTO-shaft. Besides mowing the MULAG-power arm is able to carry out many other tasks. This ensures a year-round utilization with the quick-change-device the different working implements can be exchanged within a short time.


Rear-mounted mower MHU 800

With our rear mounted models we can offer the best working implements for a wide range of operational situations. Adding a telescopic or parallelogram arm, increases the possible uses of the MHU 800 even more. The MHU 800 together with a verge mower or even with a front-mounted mower is a very efficient way to cut more grass in one pass.030806003D mhu800teleskop transport 01

Reach - 7.3m, with hydraulic telescopic arm up to 8.7m

Lateral Shift -

Special Features

  • Optimized arm design with high clearance
  • Left and right hand operation
  • To be mounted onto vehicle platform or subframe
The MHU is quickly ready for operation without any preparation as the mowing head remains in the same alignment, in its working and transport position. The lateral shift system of the power arm offers additional flexibility when mowing around obstacles.

Rear-mounted mower SB 500/ SB 600 with grass collection

The SB-series combines the advantage of the telescopic power arm with the optional Mahtronic proportional-control system into a powerful mowing unit with grass collection. A solid double arm construction protects the suction hose making the SB 500/ SB 600 extremely reliable. One of the remarkable features of the grass collecting trailer is its large loading capacity with a hydraulically-driven scraper floor. Without trailer the SB can be used for mulching.050902001D sb500 mlm 02

The SB series can work with a full spec of implements, in particular with mowing heads up to 1.6m working width. With the Hedge Cutting Head HSK 1200 for example it is possible to cut the vegetation above the crash barrier along the motorway central reservation. Thanks to the intergrated grass collection, a further working step is no longer necessary to collect the cuttings - it saves time, reduceds traffic congestion and increases the safety.

Reach - Up to 6.1m/ 7.0m, right hand and left hand side

Lateral Shift -
800mm (optional equipment), not available for SB 600 

Special Features

  • Grass collection into trailer MHT 800
  • Heavy duty radial fan with powerful air flow
  • Hydraulically adjustable telescopic power arm

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