• High Working Speed
  • Best possible use of Carrier Vehicle
  • High clearance of arm system

Mulag Mowing Combinations

The combination of a front mounted mower and verge mower results in a compact mowing unit. The advantages of the front-mounted mowers are completed with the functionality of the verge mower. Consequently the amount of grass cut in one pass is doubled even in one-man operation. Of course, both mowing units can be operated independently too.

The CAN-Bus control system with electronically adjusted automatic touch control system on the verge mower as well as the Mahtronic on the power arm-mower makes it easy to operate both systems at the same time. 


MKF 600

The independent lateral shift of the power arm and verge mower increases the working performance considerably, in particular when working in alleys and under crash-barriers. With its telescopic arm the MKF 600 offers a very big reach and can be used very effectively for mowing big slopes and cutting hedges.050413003D mkf600 transport 01

Reach - Verge mower 3.0m/ Front-mounted mower 5.5m (6.0m*) with optional telescopic front-mounted mower 6.5m (7.0m*)

Lateral Shift - 
Hydraulical 1300m (1800m*), Verge mower 1000m

Special Features - 

  • Power arm relief control system type Mahtronic
  • Mowers can be operated independently
*Values in brackets after dismounting of the verge mower

MKM 700

The combination of a front-mounted mower with a verge mower results in a very compact and effective mowing unit. Advantages of the FME-series are complemented with the functionality of the verge mower. Therefore two cuts in one pass are possible in one-man operation. Both mowers can be used independently from each other as well.A050502001 mkm700 transport 01

The automatic obstacle detector of the verge mower and the automatic relief control system Mahtronic of the front-mounted mower are a tremendous relief of strain for the user to operate two mowers while driving the Unimog. With its integrated lateral shift the MKM 700 can effectively work around obstacles like trees - and with a high clearance of up to 3.2m due to the optimised power-arm design it is possible to pass over obstacles like traffic signs. 

Reach - Front mounted mower 6.7m (7.2*)/Verge mower 3.0m, optional 6.9 (7.4m*)

Lateral Shift - 
850mm (1300mm*)

Special Features

  • Proportional control with CAN-bus, Mahtronic
  • Automatic parking/extending of the verge mower
*Values in brackets after dismounting of the verge mower

Triomower - MKM 700 and MHU 800

With the combination of the MKM 700 and the rear mounted mower MHU 800 you get an extremely efficient mowing unit. In two-man operation all the grass within 3 metres is cut completely in one pass. With this concept you can get the most out of your Unimog. The different mowing heads can be operated individually, as a double combination or all three together. Three cuts in one pass reduces running costs and traffic congestions.

Reach - 
  • Verge mower 3.0m/ Front mounted mower 6.7m (7.2m*)
  • Rear mounted mower up to 7.3m (8.7m with telescope)
Special Features -
  • Power arm relief control system type Mahtronic
  • Mowers can be operated independently 
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