Get in, feel at home, start work: The experience and requests from many users have gone into the advanced design of the new cab. These include an even more comfortable sitting position, improved implement control with the new multifunction joystick and a fast overview of the vehicle settings in the new instrument cluster. These improvements play an important role in improving safety and ease of operation and make sure that work and comfort go hand in hand in the new Unimog.

Unimog UGE

The NEW Unimog Implement Carrier more than deserves its good reputation as a workhorse. It provides top performance in very varying work situations 365 days a year with its outstanding four attachment and body-mounting areas. The hydraulic, mechanical and electric energy supply for the implements makes it versatile to work with, providing just the right kind of power system for each of the over 1000 possible jobs it may be required to do. 

 It is able to cope with the greatest of challenges during a hard working day with its mature chassis design based on a sturdy ladder-type frame. Its permanent all-wheel drive, great round clearance due to portal axles, a very comfortable drive, wide axle articulation and differential-locks in both axles are characterisitic for the Unimog. The implement carrier is also in its element way off beaten tracks due to its single tyres, central tyre inflation system and its extremely well-balanced weight distribution - and it also manages to keep up a good speed of up to 90km/h when travelling on-road. 



  • New cleaner BlueEfficiency Power engines with Euro VI emission standards
  • Direct injection diesel, turbocharger/intercooler
  • Two control systems (drive/operational modes)
  • Electronical manual throttle control
  • Hydrostatic fan drive
  • Air compressor 310 l/min
  • Air drier
  • Air filter, water seperator
  • Cold start to -15 degrees
  • Long service intervals (1400 operating hours)

Exhaust gas after treatment unit
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • SCR catalytic converter
Powerful premium engine brake
  • 2-stage decompression brake
  • Maximum braking performance
  • Operated via steering column control stalk



Transmission / Brakes / Steering

  • Fully-synchronised Mercedes-Benz transmission, eight forward and six reverse gears
  • Single plate dry clutch, self adjusting 
  • Permanent all-wheel drive, engageable interaxle differential lock
  • Cruise control /  speed limiter
  • Limiter Vmax - up to 90 km/h (56 mp/h)
  • Electropneumatic gear shift (EPS)
  • Electronic Quick Reverse (EQR)

  • Hydraulic power steering

  • High-pressure pneumatic brakes (18 bar)
  • Pneumatic disc brakes on all four wheels
  • 4-channel off-road ABS, disengageable
  • Automatic load-dependent braking (ALB)
  • Compressed air for auxiliary consumers
  • Air-operated brake
  • Brake lining wear indicator


Frame / Axles / Wheels

  • Continuous ladder-type frame, stable design
  • Trailer jaw coupling with socket pin at the front
  • Subframe for front mounting plate
  • Implement and body-mounting points are integrated in the frame
  • Coil springs with progressive codes
  • Anti-roll bar at the front and rear
  • Telescopic shock absorbers
  • Portal axles
  • Triple-steered axles
  • Differential lock on rear axle
  • Underbody corrosion protection
  • All differential locks are electropneumatically engageable and disengageable via a dog clutch while driving (100% locking effect)

Cab - Exterior

  • Panoramic cab, seating position behind the front axle
  • Short distance from implement to steering wheel
  • Cab made of corrosion-free fibre composite material
  • Cab stability according to ECE-R-29/2
  • Comfort mounting, damped vibrations
  • Cab tilt
  • Panoramic laminated glass windscreen with low extension
  • Door windows with low extensions to allow better view of working areas
  • Large window on rear wall
  • Exhaust system: vertical tail pipe
  • Electrically adjustable exterior heated mirrors on both sides
  • Heat-insulating windows all round
  • Electric windows
  • Vertical air intake
  • Non-slip footholds with handhold
  • Windscreen wiper system installed on cab roof, 3-stage with intermittent wiper control and two stopping positions 

Cab - Interior

  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Steering column adjustable for height and tilt
  • Seats with tapered backrest and integrated headrest
  • Powerful heating and ventilation system with pollen filter and residual engine heat utilisation
  • Cab floor allows through-cab-access
  • Stowage compartments and trays
  • Overhead console with 2 DIN installation compartments for radio/tachograph
  • Three individual sun visors
  • Centre console with central controls and 2 installation compartments
  • Instrument cluster (10.4 cm diagonal)
  • On-board diagnostics for vehicle condition
  • Right-hand steering column control stalk for traction drive
  • Seats with fore and aft, height and tilt adjustment and adjustable backrest with integrated 3-point seat belts
  • Door lining with armrest and bottle holder 
  • Interior lighting with reading lamps for driver and co-driver
  • 3 coat hooks
  • Vehicle tool kit
  • Cable duct
  • Left-hand steering column control stalk for high-beam headlamps and windscreen wipers
  • Air conditioning

Power / Lighting

  • On-board 24v power supply
  • Electronics box (protected in cab) with a diagnostics socket
  • Permanent power socket 24 V/ 15 A
  • CAN-Bus networking
  • Trailer power socket at rear, 15-pin / 24V
  • Battery 140 Ah
  • Electronic vehicle management system
  • EMC-certified
  • Alternator 14V/180A
  • Daytime-running lamps mounted in bumper
  • Headlamp range adjustment
  • Rear fog lamps
  • Reversing lights
  • Exterior marker lamps
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