Ingleton, United Kingdom


The NEW outstandingly mobile off-road Unimog can cope with virtually any challenge thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. All-wheel drive and extreme torsional flexibility give this sturdy truck a head start when off the beaten track. The Unimog delivers crews, material and heavy equipment to any remote and out-of-the-way work location. And the new generation has even improved on its tried and tested advantages. The unique and outstanding off-road mobility of the Unimog has its origins in its innovative chassis design: the torsional flexbility of the frame with its three-point bearings for the cab, engine and transmission as well as the axle suspension with torque tube technology, transverse link and coil springs allow axle articulation of up to 30 degrees. All-wheel drive, single tyres, the central tyre inflation system and positive differential locks provide maximum traction when driving off-road. And even in extremely steep situations, its low centre of gravity guarantees the vehicle's stability. When driving over tough-terrain, the Unimog benefits from its high ground clearance of up to 50cm. This is due to its portal axles and the fact that all the equipment is installed above the lower edge of the frame. HIGHLIGHTS The Unimog is a vehicle and tool in one. Because of its uncompromising off-road mobility, it is able to transport equipment, materials and crews way off the beaten track to very remote locations. Once it has arrived, it can set to as a reliable first class work machine. What it needs for this has already been laid down in the plant with its attachment and mounting areas as well as interfaces and PTOs for permanently installed or changing implements. The outstandingly mobile off-road Unimog has two different transmission driven PTOs as well as - for the first time - an engine-driven PTO. A vehicle hydraulics system is also available as an optional extra use with equipment and permanent consumers. Standardised sockets supply electric power. And the body-mounting area is especially versatile: its possibilities range from platform or box bodies to special solutions for unusual requirements. All in all, the Unimog is a strong and exceedingly mobile workshop which makes sure every job is done safely and reliably.