KRONOS 120 / 120 4WD

KRONOS 120 / 120 4WD

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The models 120, 120 2WDH and 120 4WD are designed with double frame beams to make the structure rigid and to withstand heavy stresses even in demanding conditions. The 4WD model is hydraulically driven with a drive roller that automatically deploys between the tyres when the drive is switched on.



  • Long drawbar lead into the tractor for the maximum compliant trailer.
  • Heavy duty posts, 12 mm wall thickness
  • Powerful 80 millimetre shafts on the hub
  • LED driving lights protected in off-road driving, optional
  • LED work lighting, optional
  • Reverse camera, optional
  • Four banks with pole extensions
  • Smart drive / Smart drive+, optional
  • Hub drive, optional (wheel hub motor)


Model120 / 120 4WD
Weight Kg1,690 / 2,050
Carrying Capacity Kg12,000
Cross-section area of load platform m22.9
Overall length mm6100
Length of load area mm4200
Bolsters: Fixed/Movable4/0
Load Supports8
Bogie Wheelbase mm1040
Bogie movement range degrees20
Ground clearance at bogie mm~610
Ground clearance at rear frame~610
4WD Push force of trailer kN Hydr. driven185 bar