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Basic Equipment Frame with shield and telescopic arm 4 chain hanging slots Grapple grip - 1300mm or 1700mm with rotator 4,5t 7 fold control block with 2 cross levers Free oil supply connection on the control block (possible to be used for MHR or for hydraulic support) The control block including float adjustment for upper steering, rotator, swinging arm and lifting arm Technical Data Clamping force of grasp cylinder (180 bar) - 9000kg Max. grip opening/smallest single trunk diameter) - c.a 130 or 170cm Closing force of grasp cylinder (180 bar) - 9.5 t Shield width - ca. 125cm Oil supply required - 1 x DW or 1 x EW + RL 3-point hitch - Cat. 2 Dead weight - ca. 620 kg Swing range/swing moment - 180 degrees Continuous rotator - 4,5 to Max.moment of lifting - 2,5mt Trailer power with support wheels for tractors - ca. from 50 PS (hp) to max 90 PS Trailer power without support wheels for tractors - ca. from 70 PS to max 90 PS Notice: In order to be tractor friendly - the suspension points are another armed points (45 degree angle) - the lifting hook in direction of upper steering fastening bar is strictly recommended (not delivered). The following prices do not include the costs for adjustments and tractor assembly.