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Auer Blower How much woodchip will it move? There are many variables such as chip size, moisture content, distance etc, but the blower is capable of moving approximately 1m3 per minute. How much chip will the Auger hopper hold? The Auger Hopper holds approximately 2m3. How far will it blow chip? The blowers are capable of moving chip either 4m vertical and 10m horizontal or 10m vertical and 4m horizontal. Is there a Single phase Electric Motor Option? No What is the smalleset 3 Phase Motor? 9 kilowatt. What 3 Phase Electric Supply do I need? You will need a 35amp supply with a C or D rated trip. Constant current consumption 28amps. How noisy are the Blowers? 80 to 92 dBA, this can be greatly reduced by creating a housing around the blower. What does the discharge pipe consist of? The discharge pipe is in metal rigid sections which is held together by clamps. Bends are negociated by 4 rigid sections available in 30deg, 45deg and 90deg bends. Can you have flexible discharge pipes? No this is not recommended unless you have smooth connections. How big are the discharge and infeed pipes? 250mm or 10". Can you use smaller diameter suction and discharge pipes? No Does the use of a cyclone reduce delivery rates? Yes a 20% to 30% reduction in delivery.