The front-sweeping machines FKM 1600-2400 and SFK 2200-3000 are designed for everyday tough use. They are available with the following widths: FKM in 1.8m and 2.4m; the SFK in 2.2m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m. The GFK 4000 with a working width of 4.2m is intended for large-area use such as airports. 

The mounting of the sweeping machine GFK can be done either be quick-action clutch or in the front three-point hydraulic. It is driven either via the vehichle hydraulic system or by a seperate hydraulic aggregate situated at the rear of the vehicle. The dynamically balanced sweeping roller is equipped with case brushes. 

Duecker Sweeping Machine

Duecker sweeping machines are designed for everyday tough use. The machines are mounted on the front of the Unimog and driven either hydraulically or via take-off shaft. Dirt scratch guides, different sweeping rollers and a water sprinkler system guarantee a perfect result and various ranges of use. 

The sweeping rollers are suspended and infinitely variable in height enabling the sweeping even in dips and on uneven surfaces. In addition, the sweeping rollers are spring-suspended in order to ensure a longer life. A simple construction enables a change from automatic to manual sweeping in seconds.

A hydraulically operated side brush is needed for the cleaning of gutters. A starting safety fuse protects the machines against damage. 


HDK 1300-2400

The HDK sweeping machines have working widths from 1.3 to 2.4 metres and work with self-oscillating sweeping roller. Therefore the adjustment of the wheels isn't necessary. The sweeping roller consists of disk brooms in hdk 01synthetic material. The sweeping machines have strong, torsionsfree housing. 

All HDK-machines are operated by inside situated hydraulic motors. This enables an exact working, even in the case of obstacles.

The compact construction and the versatile possibilities of mounting via three-point attachment guarantee working at tractors, municipal tool carriers, fork-lift trucks etc. A mechanical slanting right/left is possible. 

The sweeping machines of the type HDK are characterised by the large basic equipment. The many possibilities of special equipments, like hydraulically dirt collection bag, hydraulic swaying device, side-sweeping broom, lighting equipment, disk broom and snow blower roller ensure a universal working. No vertical adjustment of the wheels and the dirt collection bag is necessary by the sweeping roller, which is adjustable in the height.

FKM 1800-2400

The Duecker sweeping machines have been constructed for daily use under hardest conditions. The stable, torsions-free housing is manufactured from double-walled steel. The drive of the sweeping roller is effected either fkm 02hydraulically by the vehicle hydraulic or specially powerful, driven by the PTO-shaft of the carrier vehicle.

The sweeping roller, adjustable in the height, is floating hung up and oscillates out themselves optimally. Like that it has an optimal ground contact over the total width and a sweeping of recesses and unevenness is possible. The independent oscillation reduces the standing time considerable. The standard sweeping roller consists of disk brooms in synthetic material with a diameter of 600mm. In addition, there is available sweeping rollers of synthetic flat wire or snow sweeping rollers.

On request the sweeping machines can be equipped with a hydraulically side slanting for 0.60m. Thereby a working is also possible at curves.

On request a generously dimensioned dirt-collection box is installed. It is opened and closed hydraulically. With free sweeping the box at the machine can remain and does not have to remove. For cleaning of rail grooves you can moutn vertically two brushes at the dirt collection box.

The hydraulically operated side-sweeping-broom is installed at the dirt-collecting-box and is infinitely variable in the number of revolutions. The diameter amounts to 700mm. Different trimmings are possible:
  • synthetic material
  • synthetic-flat wire
  • weed-herb-plates from ribbon wire

SFK 2200-3000

The series SFK has been constructed as front sweeping machine for tractors with three-point cat. II and III, light trucks (Unimog), trucks and wheel loaders. The sweeping machine has a stable, double webbed, torsions free U20-mit-Kehrbesenhosuing, heavy load wheels which are situated directly on the housing and adjustable resp. removable dirt duster. The working width are 2.2m up to 3m.

The drive of the sweeping roller is made alternative hydraulical from the vehicle hydraulic or specially powerful, drive by the PTO shaft of the carrier vehicle.

The suspended sweeping roller which is adjustable in the height, consists of synthetic disc brooms. The slanting position can be adjusted mechanically to the right and to the left by 30 degrees.

The large range of accessories like snow brush, water tank with water spraying unit or dirt scratch ledge guarantee a versatile working area of the sweeping machines.

GFK 4000

The Duecker front sweeping machine GFK 4000 with working width of 4.20m is needed for the extensive working, for example airports. The mounting of the hydraulical driven sweeping machine GFK takes place alternatively into 207 2 gfk 04 the quick-change-system or into the front three-point hydraulic at the Unimog or tractor. The drive is supplied by the vehicle hydraulic or by a seperate hydraulic unit installed in rear mounting.

Even with a slanting position GFK 4000 runs on two robust, swivelling double wheels from solid rubber. These guarantee an optimal ground adjustment and permit a maximum working speed of 30km/h. A ride-safety-device over 2 cylinders protects the machine against damage when unintentionally starting at obstacles.

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