• auer
    Auer machines characterized by their perfect know how are an ideal support for exhausting forest works. What all these machines have in common is the enormous power they are gripping with.

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  • Heizo2

    We are one of the two Heizohack importers for the UK. Heizohack chippers are designed to produce a consistent chip size required to ensure trouble free bruning in woodchip boilers. The chippers are available in 12" to 32" in-feed sizes all capable of producing chip from G20 to G50 specification.

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  • kahlbacher
    Kahlbacher equipment is consistently designed with longevity in mind. The use of high quality materials, innovative technology and the know-how of more than 60 years of development work gives Kahlbacher units maximum reliability and availability - even under toughest conditions.

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  • kronos
    Kronos aims to offer efficient and profitable solutions to its customers as the result of the company's design and production efforts. Kronos designs and manufactures forestry cranes and trailers, forestry harvesters, and various implements for tractors.

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  • mercedes

    Where even four-wheeled drive trucks reach their limits, a totally different kind of work and tractor vehicle has to take over: the Unimog. It gives a new definition of versatility and viability on four wheels. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a vehicle in a league of its own.

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  • mulag
    Mulag is the leading manufacturer of mowing equipment with a comprehensive product range for Daimler Unimog and other carrier vehicles. Beside verge mowers and slope wowers up to a reach of 8.7m. Mulag offers equipment combinations of up to 3 devices mounted on one vehicle. 

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  • nisula
    Nisula products are based on the experience of tens of thousands of working hours in the forest. Original Nisula E series multipurpose heads are a cost effective choice for energy wood harvesting. Due to its simple, lightweight and durable structure the E series heads are a perfect choice.

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  • penz
    Quality Austrian timber cranes built to withstand the daily wear and tear. The timber class combines technical precision, craftsmanship at the highest stafe and 40 years experience of timber loading cranes construction.

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  • prinoth
    We have recently met with Prinoth who make a variety of tracked vehicles. We are able to supply base vehicles for a variety of applications and will soon be developing a tracked forwarder and tracked chipper. Tracked vehicles are specialists in all terrain.

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  • valtraaa
    Valtra tractors are individually made to order and each one is custom built to meet the requirements of the customer. In cooperation with their authorised Valtra dealer, customers configure a tractor that exactly matches their needs.

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  • werner
    100 years of tradition in the trade, enthusiasm for technology and innovative engineering skill. At Werner they combine their knowledge, skill and creativeness day after day to create long-lasting technology which does exactly what it is supposed to do: make your everyday work much easier.

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    Second Hand Equipment

    We always have a range of quality used equipment available for sale, including pre-owned Unimogs, chippers and trailers. All equipment is photographed and described in full. Please browse through our online showcase and contact us for any further information.



    • agriculture
      For many years now it has been a well proven fact that Unimogs are far more fuel efficient for off and on road haulage than Agricultural Tractors, and a recent long term road haulage test in Germany has come up with the hard facts to prove it. A Unimog will use 40% less fuel than an average tractor which is a huge saving. 

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    • highway
      Highway Maintenance
      The Unimog offers the ultimate package for highway maintenance departments, from mowing in summer to snow clearance in winter; the same machine can handle it all. Used in conjunction with mowing equipment the Unimog is capable of dealing with all aspects.

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    • Forestry/Arboriculture

      A.C. Price have a long association with the Forestry sector supplying chippers, winches and timber cranes, predominantly allied with the Unimog or MB Trac. We are main dealers for Heizohack, Auer, Penz, Kronos and Nisula.

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    • energy
      Energy Industry
      Continuous pressure is placed on the costs for maintenance and repairs due to the ever increasing competition in the energy sector. Typical uses are access platforms and crane auger units for pole erection, or simply highly capable off-road units.

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    • roadrail
      Road Rail
      Pure rail guidance for mounted implementswith total weights up to 1000 tonnes when suitably equipped with torque convertor and train brake system. Zagro road rail equipment allows the Unimog to be used on the tracks where it can then be fitted with a variety of eqiupment for use.

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    • firefighting
      Professionals all around the world rely on the Unimog when they are in the front line fighting forest fires. In many applications, the work begins where no roads exist - for example in the construction and energy applications or in catastrophic areas; for decades the Unimog has been in these sectors. 

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    • expedition
      Overland Travel & Expeditions
      From second hand ex army ambulances to brand new expedition ready vehicles you will find Unimog wandering the globe. We have many clients who use them for global travel. With contacts within the industry we can source second hand vehicles for conversion or supply new vehicles. 

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    • disaster
      Disaster Relief
      Many agenices such as the Red Cross use Unimogs. Set up for transportation of relief supplies or as an ambulance they are often the first vehicles on the scene. We have recently worked on Red Cross Unimogs fitting extra diesel tanks. We can supply new or secondhand Unimogs suitable for this application.

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    • woodfuel

      We have a long association with the Forestry Industry being heavily involved with chippers, winches and timber cranes, predominantly allied with Unimog or MB Trac. As part of our 'solutions from a single source' strategy we offer a selection of equipment that can meet the requirements of the forestry and woodfuel sectors.

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      Servicing and Parts

      Regular servicing and professional experienced repair of your Unimog is the absolute key to keeping it in a good safe working condition and keeping down time to a minimum.

      Book a Service

      We stock parts for the new, the old and the pre-historic and if we haven't got it in stock and its still available we will do our utmost to get it for you.

      Order Parts Online

      • Kenya Heizohack HM14-800KT

        Kenya Heizohack HM14-800KT

        We recently supplied a Heizohack HM14-800KT to a company in Kenya. The company based near Mombasa has a project to clear 300 square kilometers of bush land.

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      • APF Show 2012

        At this years APF we were demonstrating the Heizohack / Kronos / Nisula combination, allowing the grabbing, cutting and chipping of material with one machine. 

      • Update June 2012

        This year has been exceptionally busy so far. Amongst many things we have recently supplied United Utilities with a bespoke design and built trailer to go behind their Unimog U500

      • CLA GAME FAIR 2013

        Thank you to everyone who visited us at the CLA Game Fair in July, the weather was kind to us and it was great to see everyone.

      • HM8-400 EM Heizohack Woodchipper Goes to Mauritius


        Here is a HM8-400 EM Heizohack Woodchipper we have recently supplied to a Customer in Port Louis, Mauritius.

      • HM8-400EM Woodchipper and Alf arrive Safe and Sound.

        Well it was Alf, he spent a week out in Mauritius carrying out training with our Customers and also enjoying their fantastic hospitality. The Woodchipper will be used to chip wood that will be blown in with coal dust into a Power Station.

      • APF SHOW 2014

        Well 2 years have gone by and the APF Show 2014 will be upon us again on September 18th, 19th and 20th at Ragley Estate. Our demo stand will be 360-400 in the same position as 2012. 

      • The New UGE U423 Unimog

        Look what’s arrived at Ingleton ready to head down to the APF Show next week !! 

      • APF SHOW 2014

        Another year over and what a fantastic show APF 2014 was!

      • Unimog UHE and UGE Product Training and Testing.

        Unimog Product Training and Vehicle testing in Germany

      • Heizohack HM14-800KL Chiptruck Demonstration

        Well after a successful showing at the APF Show, Alex and Johann Huss have been demonstrating the Heizohack HM14-800KL Chiptruck in Hexham, Ilkley, Hamilton and Ulverston.